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I am enthusiastically passionate about every aspect of sports, nutrition and human performance. Combining a solid academic background with the professional experience of an athlete and a chef I aim to translate nutrition and exercise science into practical solutions that are sustainable to maintain.

Custom made plans only that are personalised to reach your goals.

A private chef capable of combining taste with high-performance nutrition.

Seminars to understand the power of food in optimising performance.

A series of world-class exercise physiology tests to assess your metabolism and well-being.

I am all about gaining the edge, optimising for marginal gains

I uniquely use optimization models through linear programming to truly personalize your nutrition leaving nothing to chance.

With several years of experience in the sport and nutrition industry, I make use of periodized and personalised strategies to help your body adapt to different scenarios.
Metabolic flexibility plays a serious advantage over your opponents.
Optimising your dietary choices towards more nutrient-dense foods, you will be able to perform at your peak, recover faster and prevent risks of injury/illness.

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