physical and mental
the power of food"

I am enthusiastically passionate about every aspect of sports, nutrition and human performance. Combining a solid academic background with the professional experience of an athlete and a chef I aim to translate nutrition science into practical solutions that are sustainable to maintain.

Custom made plans only that are personalised to reach your goals.

A personal chef for both individuals and teams capable of combining taste with high-performance nutrition.

Educational seminars to understand the power of food in optimising performance.

A series of world-class exercise physiology tests to assess your metabolism and well-being.

Nothing quite like the usual nutrient tracking. 

I am all about gaining the edge
optimising for marginal gains

The first question I get asked as a performance nutritionist is always "what should I take to.." (goal)?'
As boring as it may sound, food will in most cases not only be your cheaper solution but also the most optimal one!

With several years of experience in the sport and nutrition industry, I make use of periodised and personalised strategies to help your body adapt to different scenarios.
Metabolic flexibility plays a serious advantage over your opponents.
Optimising your dietary choices towards more nutrient-dense foods, you will be able to perform at your peak, recover faster and prevent risks of injury/illness.

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