Do megadoses of antioxidants impair training adaptions?

Interesting and well-controlled study to understand whether antioxidant megadoses blunt training adaptations or not. ⁣

A lot of contradictory evidence is present on the topic. As seen in this study, however, cell signalling is compromised when high doses of vitamin C and E are ingested on a daily basis.⁣

👫54 recreationally endurance-trained men and women participated in a double-blind randomised controlled trial. Matched for VO2max and anthropometrics.⁣

⚖️They completed an endurance training program of the duration of 11 weeks, with three to four sessions/week.⁣

💊Control participants received 2 pills of 500mg of vitamin C and 117mg of vitamin E. Two pills were consumed 1-3hr before training and two pills within 1hr after training.⁣

🔬VO2max improved to the same degree in both groups, as well as running performance in 20m shuttle test.⁣

Cell signalling was compromised in the control group in regards to mitochondrial COX4 protein content, PGC1a (cytosolic protein level), CDC42 and MAPK1 mRNA.⁣

🧬 Supplementing right before and after training sessions could have further enhanced the blunting effect of mitochondrial biogenesis, as in other studies this was not seen despite the same dosing.
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